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Transforming Societies After Political Violence: Truth, Reconciliation, and
Mental Health

To mark the launch of Professor Brandon Hamber¹s new book Transforming
Societies After Political Violence: Truth, Reconciliation, and Mental Health
(Springer, 2009) the Transitional Justice Institute and INCORE
(International Conflict Research Institute) at the University of Ulster will
be hosting a panel discussion about the book followed by wine and snacks.
You are invited to join us.

PDF Invite: http://www.incore.ulst.ac.uk/pdfs/Hamber-LaunchNI.pdf


Date: 6 May 2010, Thursday
Time: 4pm-6pm (including refreshments)
Venue: The Recital Room, Foyle Arts Centre, MQ128,University of Ulster,
Magee Campus (Map Attached)
RSVP: incore at ulster.ac.uk or +44(0)28 71 375500


Brandon Hamber
Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Ulster, Northern
Ireland), and Director of the International Conflict Research Institute
Brinton Lykes
Professor of Community-Cultural Psychology, and Associate Director of the
Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Boston College, USA
Victor Igreja
Dr Victor Igreja is a psychologist associated with the African Study Center
in Leiden 
Christine Bell
Associate Director of the Transitional Justice Institute, and Professor of
Public International Law at University of Ulster


Transforming Societies after Political Violence offers a template for those
tasked with providing truth, justice, reconciliation, and healing. This
interdisciplinary study identifies complex relationships between recovery
from political violence and the psychological processes that accompany
widespread social change, showing how these can be integrated to strengthen
both individual and society. Author Brandon Hamber draws on his extensive
experience in South Africa and comparative examples to examine the
centrality of mental health issues in transitional justice, and the social,
cultural, and identity issues involved in meeting the needs of victims. In
discussing reparations (what the author terms "repairing the irreparable"),
the power of ambivalence, and especially concepts of closure, he eloquently
sets out professionals¹ roles in helping survivors move beyond the toxic
past without covering it up or becoming mired in it.

³With plentiful, poignant stories, and clear policy recommendations, this
book should help shape ­ and greatly improve ­ future endeavors to confront
unimaginable memories and pain² (Priscilla Hayner, ICTJ and author of
Unspeakable Truths)

³Hamber nails this tricky subject with humility, insight, learned insight,
and golden recommendationsŠif you are interested in how humans try to
grapple with the
consequences of man¹s brutality to man, and ultimately the truth, read it!²
(Thulani Grenville-Grey, former South African TRC Mental Health Specialist)





Brandon Hamber is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Director of
INCORE, an associate site of the United Nations University, based at the
University of Ulster. Prior to moving to Northern Ireland he co-ordinated
the Transition and Reconciliation Unit at the Centre for the Study of
Violence and Reconciliation in South Africa.

Professor Brandon Hamber
Director INCORE 
University of Ulster
Magee Campus
Aberfoyle House
Northland Road
Northern Ireland
BT48 7JA
Tel: +44 (0)2871 375500   Direct 375460
Mobile: +44 (0)7595087579
Fax: +44 (0)2871 375510
Email (W): b.hamber at ulster.ac.uk
Email (H) : mail at brandonhamber.com
INCORE:   www.incore.ulster.ac.uk
Personal:  www.brandonhamber.com

New Book: Transforming Societies After Political Violence

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